Thursday, 28 May 2015

A few finds.

I'm afraid this post is going to be another mix-up! I just wanted to show you a few of my most recent finds and fill you in on some recent events!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I visited Goodstock on Manchester's Oxford Road last Monday to have a look around. Along with the gorgeous, brand new H&M skirt I pictured on Instagram, I also picked up this brand new, tagged dress. I love anything vaguely animal print, particularly of the leopard print variety. This dress is so easy to wear and it led to a rather attractive consultant at the hospital telling me I looked good so it can't be bad!
Give Goodstock a follow on Instagram and Twitter @goodstockshop for their latest bargains! 
I'm attending a blogger event with them next Thursday so pictures to follow - hopefully I might see a few of you there!

So as I mentioned, last Friday I was admitted to Manchester Royal Infirmary completely unexpectedly! I went to a walk in centre in Manchester about 3pm and by 6pm, I was in resuscitation in A&E, hooked up to an ECG machine. The experience could've been absolutely terrifying if it wasn't for the excellent staff at the hospital and the help I received from my friends. I just wanted to also say a massive thanks to everyone who wished me well on social media - it really kept my spirits up! I did spend most of my time on the ward flicking through Instagram jealously looking at the bargains you'd all picked up over the weekend! 

Suffering withdrawal from a weekend away from the shops and able to breathe again, I stopped in Oxfam on Oldham Street on the way home where I picked up this incredible green skirt from ASOS. I haven't yet decided how to wear this as it's quite a dramatic style and a long length on my little legs but I'm happy to just gaze at its beauty for a couple more days! Any suggestions welcome, as always!

I also purchased three pieces of jewellery earlier this week from the RSPCA shop in Manchester's Northern Quarter. Any Manchester people need to visit this gem - it's a shame it's so hidden away! You can find it on Oak Street.
Each of these pieces cost £1.99. The longer, larger chain is just from M&S but the ring is silver. The second necklace is unmarked but I just love the style of it. I've not taken it off since purchasing, even if I do have to keep putting it back together as the jewel keeps falling off!

I also reached the 1000 followers mark on Instagram this week which I'm completely in shock about! I never realised the blog and associated pages would pick up in popularity when I started writing again in January. It really was an excellent decision as I've met some great people and been involved in some lovely events. More to follow soon.

And then finally today I picked up this Topshop faux leather skirt from Oxfam in Sale on my way to work. The amount of skirts of this style and material that I own is becoming out of control. I could do with realising that I can't wear them all at once!

It will come as no shock that my most recent investment has actually been a new clothing rail...

Char x

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