Monday, 1 June 2015

A day out in Mossley.

I first heard of the charity Emmaus when I was living in Preston - they have a shop in the city centre which is predominantly furniture but alway had a few clothing gems at great prices. I'd always loved the shop so when I saw on Twitter that they had a shop in Mossley near Manchester, I decided to schedule in a time to visit.

I took the train from Manchester Victoria which cost £4 return and got me there in about twenty minutes. The scenery in Mossley is nothing short of picturesque and as I navigated my way down the cobbled street, I knew I was about to witness something special! 

Emmaus in Mossley is everything a charity shop should be. Situated in Longlands Mill on Queen Street, the shop boasts two floors of second hand furniture, bric-a-brac and clothing in great condition and at such excellent prices. It's a traditional charity shop - friendly, welcoming and obviously doing so much good in the community it supports. There's no attitude and nothing pretentious about it. 

The ground floor houses a multitude of modern pieces of furniture. Up the stairs, there are two more rooms full to the brim with goods. The first room contains an immaculate book section of both fiction and non-fiction. The majority of the books are only 60p and the alphabetical order and categorisation make it easy to find what you're looking for. The comfy chairs make for a relaxed and friendly atmosphere - I had a chat with a lovely lady browsing for something to read with her dog!

Also on the second floor is a up-cycled section. This table had been refashioned with this beautiful bird print to make a truly individual piece for only £20. If I'd had a car, I think I would've been in danger of taking it home! 

The second of the upstairs rooms contains bric-a-brac and a large clothing section. For me, this was the best part of the shop - my eyes just lit up when I walked through the door! Table upon table of crockery and trinkets, stock lines all the walls, like the most perfect jumble sale/car boot/shop rolled into one! There's also a large film and music section with DVDs at £1 and CDs at 50p.

All clothing, shoes and bags are a remarkable £1.50 per item or 4 for £5. It would be rude not to take up some an incredible offer - I came home with 8 items for a tenner. That's £1.25 each for these beauties...

 Patterned skinny trousers.

H&M envelope clutch bag.

M&S Limited Collection tan bag.

Zara canvas pumps.

 Grey zip-up jacket.

H&M jumper.

Wallis top.

H&m animal print dress.

Other attractions include a cafe and a heritage centre. There's also a collectables room which is open on Tuesdays and Fridays which I'm just going to have to take leave from work to visit!

I would recommend a visit to Emmaus Mossley to anyone - there really is something for everyone. 
Have you visited the shop before? Let me know what you thought!

For more information, check out or give them a follow on Twitter - it's @emmausmossley!

Char x


  1. Ah, I love Emmaus. There's a shop in Burnley based in an old school. I featured it on my blog a year or so ago, discovered more about the charity. I absolutely love that they enable people through work! The M&S bag is my favourite of your finds, I think! They're all lush! Gonna have to try this branch x

    1. East Lancs is a really under-explored area for me! I think it's so nice that they've found these historical buildings to put shops in!x

  2. Honestly I have never heard of it but I have to go!! I'm coming to visit you and your taking me ok? 😂

  3. This place looks amazing! I'd be in heaven there :) I love all your bargains, the M&S bag is fantastic!