Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Best of three.

This is a picture of the three purchases I made before I got to work this morning. Before I even got to work. I feel as if this blog might be feeding my existing addiction to charity shops to a dangerous level.
The top item is this bold red dress, originally from Boohoo. It cost £2.99 from The Salvation Army. It is unusually bright for me and I anticipate I will have to dampen it down a little with lots of black! The Salvation Army shop in Sale is SUCH a weird one! Along with its odd 3pm closing time, all the clothing has been forced to the side by furniture in a tiny space. I could hardly get to this dress as one of the volunteers was brandishing a hammer, fixing a table leg! Since my beloved Age UK shut down, I've been taking some of my donations to the shop as it's the smallest charity left in Sale and we all know how I love to back the underdogs!

I also picked up this zig-zag print skirt from Scope for £3.25. Scope in Sale is fast becoming a favourite of mine! They put out new stock daily and I never see bad quality items or unreasonable prices. I'm really enjoying this style of skirt at the moment - its not dissimilar from my new leopard print one!

My final purchase was these trousers from the British Heart Foundation for £3.99. I'm not sure what genre of trousers these are supposed to be as the waist and drawstrings elude to something active but I don't think I'll be wearing them for that purpose - shopping is about as active as I get at the moment!

What do you think of my buys?

Char x