Friday, 15 May 2015

Let's catch up!

Firstly, apologies for the lack of posts recently! There have been a couple of big changes over the past week or two which I feel I'm still running to catch up with. Apologies if this post is completely non-sensical, I'm just going to put a few things that have happened together...

Event 1:
Last Friday I took an enormous bag of clothes to a charity shop. When I say enormous, I mean was nearly as big as me! I'm not going to mention which shop it was because despite what happened, I think the charity do a good job and I don't want my opinion of one occasion to be in any way detrimental to them. So, I struggled on foot with this huge bag, finally arriving at the shop with an exacerbated dodgy back. I'm left standing in a queue for nearly fifteen minutes, during which time at least five staff members walked past me and offered no help. Once I got to the front of the queue, I place the bag on the counter and say I wish to donate the items. Then, nothing. The bag is whisked away and the gentlemen beckons to the lady behind me.
Right, am I being unreasonable in thinking that the lack of thank you is quite a big deal? I had spent a good hour at home going through my wardrobe, choosing good quality items that I thought the shop would get some good money for. I'd then chosen this particular charity and this particular shop to donate it to and there's not so much as a nod of recognition?! I'm not expecting that they should be overcome with gratitude (I know people donate frequently) but I do think for an industry running solely on donations, they really need to find some manners.

Event 2:
I spent Sunday and Monday in London with my friend David who has recently moved there to do some training for a new job. On Monday when he went to work, I took the tube to Holloway which is an area I've been to before due to the company I work for having their head office just down the road. I knew there were at least a few charity shops there. I always thought charity shops in London would be really expensive but I was pleasantly surprised - I picked up four items for £16.

Event 3:
Is it possible to fall in love with a bag? I believe I am in love with a bag. This bag:

I picked this up today in Oxfam in Withington for £3.99. I love everything about it - the size, the colour, the detailing, the fact it has never been used...I could go on. I really think it's perfect.

I also just want to draw your attention to a new account I've started following on Instagram - patsyspennies which showcases purchases two sisters have made at boot fairs and in charity shops. It was only set up a few days ago but I can tell it'll be great! There is also an accompanying blog. I think you'll like it!

Char x


  1. Firstly that charity is bang out of order. Nothing wrong with a THANKYOU. We had a similar situation were we took loads of stuff to a charity shop and the two women working in the back acted like we were a massive burden for taking them there. However we have found out that the main kind of sorting office for said charity is only a 5 minute drive from us. It's a charity close to our heart because it's personally been involved in our lives.

    Secondly. That bag is gorgeous! You always find such amazing stuff and you are really not helping my spending ban! Hehe

  2. Thanks Charlotte, I'm glad you agree! I honestly kept thinking shall I go back and demand they hand it back over so I can take it elsewhere.

    How's that going?x