Monday, 7 October 2013

All that glitters.

I've built up a vast collection of jewellery over the past few years, most of which I've accumulated from charity shops as high street collections are becoming increasingly expensive. The cabinets are usually the first things I look at when I go into a shop as you can normally find some beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces without spending more than a few pounds.

Here are a few of my most recent acquisitions.

I have tiny fingers and can rarely find rings to fit. These two I bought in Age UK in Stockport for £1.49 each. They're fairly simple and not too big so perfect for every day wear.

This silver-coloured bracelet was only 60p from the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation shop in Cheadle. I bought it about a month ago and have never taken it off so the cost per wear is minute! I'm really impressed as the metal hasn't become discoloured or rusted at all yet. Like the rings, it's perfect for every day wear and it gets a fair few compliments!

This lovely brooch was 99p. I always struggle with how to wear a brooch without it looking old fashioned but I couldn't resist this beauty. I love the blue of the stone and am hoping to turn it into a necklace!

Also 99p was this beautiful mirrored necklace on a silver coloured chain. 

Probably one of my most impressive bargains; this was from PDSA in Blackpool. It's a discontinued Citizen Eco-Drive and retails at approximately £150-200. I paid just £20 for it which is more than I would usually spend on something in a charity shop but I've never owned a watch that I've really loved and not forgotten to put on after a few days. I'll have a problem when the battery dies and I can't get a replacement but it's beautiful enough to just wear as a piece of jewellery!

So, as my collection continues to expand, storage becomes a problem! I bought the beautiful ring holder below for £2 in Cancer Research, Stockport. Their vintage section is only small but contains some real gems and they present the stock well for the space given to it.

Last night, I finally got round to making use of the glass dish I blogged about in my last post. This is just a small fraction of my collection. I'm thinking I might have to be ruthless and send some back to the charity shop for someone else to love!

What's been the best piece of jewellery you've picked up from a charity shop? Leave me a comment.

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