Monday, 29 June 2015


Usually when I pick up something second hand, be it from a charity shop, a car boot sale or eBay, I know exactly how it will fit into my life. With clothing or accessories, I've developed the art of only buying things which are 'me', things I know I'll wear.

But with these two - I just have no idea!

First up is this sequin jacket-thing I got from PDSA in Preston when I was about seventeen, long before I worked there! I've tried everything; dressing it down with jeans, up with a dress for a night out. Part of the problem is that it's so unbelievably small! Even when it first came into my life when I was about seven stone and a size six, it was a little on the small side - I think it may even have been made for a child. I think it's handmade and there's no denying that it's incredibly beautiful, I've just never been able to integrate it into my wardrobe!

Secondly is this wooden chest which I disgustingly picked up from the bin store downstairs. Yes, really. I find it incredible the types of things people will throw away! Over the past few months there have been TVs, bookcases, lamps - you name it, someone in my building has tried to throw it out! I fell in love with this instantly. Yes, it isn't perfect but I just find it so beautiful! I've given it a damn good clean but now I'm a little stumped. My original plan was to use it to store some of my vast quantity of clothes in but I'm really adverse to folding things and stacking them because I can never find what I'm looking for! I would also like to display some bits of jewellery and stuff on top of it but then I'm going to have to keep opening it to get things out and that will get really annoying.
Maybe I could store all my out of season clothes in it?
There's also no getting away from the fact it definitely does not match the fake wood of my floor...
I know everyone is getting into upcycling at the moment but I really do not have a creative bone in my body and I think it would just go badly wrong.

I got the idea for this particular post after responding to an Instagram request from Barnardo's Retail for bloggers for their new blog 'The Thrift'. The first assignment was something along the lines of 'What item I own would be the first thing I'd donate'. I'd say it would be the jacket but it's just so pretty! I'm living in hope that one day I might find something to wear it with and give it the wearing time it so deserves! Until then, it will continue to sparkle in my closet, or maybe in my new wooden chest!

Talking of Barnardo's, did you catch my piece for them? You can find it here.

Char x

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  1. If you can't fit it into your wardrobe keep it for when you have a a little girl! Haha. Also that chest is beyond beautiful I can't believe that someone would throw it out!

    Charlotte |