Friday, 10 July 2015

Dress up!

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen I had a lucky lunch break on Wednesday!
With twenty minutes of my hour left, I decided to have a quick walk into Sale town centre. I only had time to look properly around one shop so went to the Salvation Army which has become my go-to donation shop since Age UK shut down. I picked it because it's the shop closest to my office but wasn't expecting to find anything as my success rate in there is about 10%! Most of the clothing is in larger sizes and the majority of the shop space is taken up with furniture which I definitely can't carry home on the bus.

The first thing I saw was this beautiful white dress from Asos. I absolutely loved the shape of it on first sight but was devastated to discover it was a size 6. I've been monitoring my calorie intake to lose weight recently, which has been successful but not THAT successful! I haven't bought anything in a size 6 since I was about 17. I kept looking at the style and size of it and pulling at the fabric before deciding to take a gamble, as it was only £2.99. Imagine my shock when I tried it on at home and I could zip it up! It's definitely a loose fitting 6!

The next item was this black dress. It was the standard charity shop price for a dress - £4.99 and doesn't have the original tags so I'm not sure where it's from. I actually think £4.99 is expensive for this considering the Asos one was £2 cheaper. I'm planning to cut the bow off (I'm not into bows!) and wear it under a printed cardigan in the office.

As I was paying for those two, I noticed this printed dress hanging up behind the till. I assumed it was on hold for someone but the volunteer confirmed it was just waiting to go out. Primark, £2.99 - bit overpriced but I love it.

Then finally on my way home today, I popped into the Oxfam Emporium on Oldham Street. I'm not going to lie, I used to hate the shop! I still think things in there are horrendously overpriced (especially books - £3.99 for some old coffee stains, folded pages and cracked spines?!) but the clothing is getting better. I nearly bought a scalloped hem skirt from Asos which they'd priced at £4.99 but thought a fiver was too pricey (I don't want to feed their ideas that their pricing is reasonable). 

I was just about to walk out (shocked at the selection of £40 handbags) when I noticed a Sale section at the back of the shop. Not one to miss out on a bargain, I ventured over. Most of the stock was items I'd seen a few weeks ago but then I saw this...

beautiful New Look number, new and tagged at £19.99 on sale for £4.99. That's a quarter of the price and in perfect condition - that I can deal with!

I REALLY need to blog about the amazing haul I had at the car boot on Sunday but I've had such an exhausting and busy week which isn't over yet. Promise I'll get around to it soon!

Char x


  1. Love the ASOS dress & really like the idea of taking the bow off the black dress and wearing under a printed cardi. x

  2. I love all the dresses but the last one is my favourite and definitely a total bargain! I used to mostly avoid oxfam as it was the most expensive charity shop around but Ive recently noticed a drop in some of their prices ... except the books they are still ridiculous x

    1. Shortly after writing this, I actually spent £2.99 on a book in Oxfam. I'm so upset with myself.x

  3. I had a great shop one day in Milnthorpe Cumbria when all ladies wear was half price...couldn't believe I was paying £1.25 for cardi's & jumpers haha