Saturday, 25 April 2015

Ugly ducklings.

 This week I've picked up two controversial items. By controversial, I mean I still can't decide whether they're anything other than ugly!

The first purchase was this pair of boots from The British Heart Foundation shop in Sale. I've got to admit that I used to avoid the shop as it used to be really overpriced but I've noticed a change recently and the shop has some lovely items in brilliant condition at very reasonable prices. These cost £5.99 and are in perfect condition - they look like they've never been worn.

I spotted them from a mile away but tucked under the shelf above, all I could see was the gold stud detail - they looked quite normal. I pulled them from the shelf to reveal this odd faux-fur purpley leopard print...strange. I stood looking at them in awe before deciding they were ugly and moving on. After a quick lap around the shop, I found my eyes kept wandering back to them and I just had to try them on. After finding them to be a perfect fit, I decided they were just so unusual I had to have them, ugly or not. When I posted a picture on Instagram, everyone seemed to be as undecided as I was.

The second item was this dress with green pleated skirt. I picked this up in Shelter in Edinburgh during a two night break this week. It was the first thing I saw when I walked into the shop and as with the shoes, stood staring at it for a good few seconds trying to make up my mind about it! Josh referred to it as a '70s curtain' and looked horrified that I was even considering it. I have to say, I really love it now. It's just so unusual!

So what do you think of my ugly items? Have you ever bought something that's so ugly it's almost become attractive?!

I think I'm on for a decent haul on Monday when I will be taking my first trip to Southport in years. The town used to be a charity shop heaven - I can't wait!

As always, leave your comments below!

Char x

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  1. Blog comment take two! I read your post nodding along, I'm usually too much of a chicken to buy things I'm not 100% about. However, I would buy either of these. Can imagine the shoes with ripped black skinny jeans! Looking forward to seeing what you buy on Monday. Is Southport far from you? Train journey?

  2. My mum always used to buy things she wasn't sure of and say 'it's only a couple of quid' or whatever but that money adds up! There's really no point if you're not sure you're going to wear something!
    It's about an hour and fifteen minutes I think. I used to go a fair bit when I lived in Preston and Liverpool- I really hope it hasn't changed too much! How did today go?