Friday, 10 April 2015

Eyes bigger than my bank account.

Have you ever been shopping and bought so much that you get home, empty the bag out and think 'I forgot I bought that'? I'm slightly frightened by the amount of items there are here. 

I took the afternoon off work to enjoy the sunshine and found myself £40 down and swimming in charity shop bargains!

Grey dress, £3.99, Oxfam Withington. This still had its original tags. It's plain but I like the shape and it makes an easy outfit!

Dress, £2.99, Age UK Withington.
I'm definitely not convinced this yellowy-green dress will suit my pale complexion but I fell in love with the little gold studs on the back!

Dress, £3.99, Oxfam Withington.

Dress, £3.50, Shaw Trust Urmston.

Dress, £3.99, Age UK Withington.

Jumper, £1, The Charity Box Urmston.

Jumper, £1, Barnabus Withington.

Shoes, £5.99, Oxfam Withington. £5.99 is more expensive that I'd normally pay for a charity shop item but I absolutely fell in love with these shoes and it's rare to find good quality shoes second hand and even more rare to find them in my size!

Skirt, £1, Shaw Trust Urmston.

Skort, £1, The Charity Box Urmson. This was also still tagged.

Jumper, £3.49, The Charity Box Urmston. The photo is of the open back of the jumper.

Jumper, £4.95, Cancer Research Withington.

Top, £2, Shelter Urmston.

Urmston is a fairly new addition to my list of charity shopping destinations but I really rate it. There's a brilliant shop there called The Charity Box where a few of my items came from. I'm not sure what cause the shop raises money for but the stock is great quality and they have some excellent sales - putting the unsold stock on a pound rail so nothing goes to waste. I think there's another Charity Box in Cheetham Hill if any Manchester people can advise?

Sorry that this is so short and predominantly pictures - I need to get washing all my new things! I just can't wait to wear them all! 

Char x

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