Sunday, 1 February 2015


I work every Saturday so my boyfriend and I try and do something fun every Sunday to try and make up for it. We were really struggling to think of somewhere to go today so I suggested we just get on a bus somewhere and see where we end up (my love of charity shopping is only rivalled by my love of public transport!). Our first stop was Withington which is actually one of my favourite areas for charity shops but disappointingly, everything was closed and one of my favourite places, Fuel (a veggie cafe and bar) was packed. We carried on to Stockport where a select few charity shops were open, although I didn't manage to find anything. There was a beautiful dark gold coloured ring with an amber ball detail in one of the shops but it was too big for my tiny fingers and I was a little horrified by the £10 price tag and awkwardly had to ask the lady to put it back in the cabinet.

It was about half past two by the time we'd had a look around Stockport and I suddenly thought of Cheadle. A quick Google search revealed my favourite charity shop was open until 4 so we bolted to the bus station! 

Cheadle high street is home to an impressive nine charity shops. I'd recommend the area to any charity lovers as the stock is generally good quality and well priced and you don't have to walk miles between each shop! I picked up five items in Barnardo's - two dresses, two skirts and a pair of trousers.

The first item I saw was this Gap denim-esque dress. It has such cute little sleeves and a really pretty shape. My only concern is it might be a little small - does anyone know what a Gap size 2 is?! I'm terrible for not trying things on in shops!

The next item was this Asos black skirt with faux-leather panel and zip detail. The photo makes it look like the bottom of the panel is the bottom of the skirt but thankfully, it isn't quite that revealing (that did take me a bit to work out!). I love black - it's by far my favourite colour and I have a lot of faux leather items so this skirt is a dream really!

I also picked up these skinny blue patterned trousers. I don't know about anyone else but I hardly ever find decent trousers in charity shops - they always seemed to be ragged at the bottom or a little scruffy looking and outdated but I absolutely love these and can't wait to wear them.

Finally, I picked up this basic cream skirt and black and white striped dress. The dress is from H&M and I remember considering it in the shop when it was first stocked. I only realised when I got home that is was missing a button so finding a replacement in my mission for tomorrow!

I'm really pleased with the items I picked up today and I think I'll get a lot of wear out of them. As my boyfriend said, 'they're all very you'. He actually didn't mind being dragged around the shops and even made a purchase of his own...a commemorative spoon (don't ask!).

So something I haven't addressed in this post is how much everything cost...

£9.97 (including 2p for a bag!). Barnardo's introduced one-price shops a bit ago and Cheadle has one where all the stock is £1.99. Honestly, it's a wonderful place. I've been going for about a year now and hardly ever walk out without a purchase. The £1.99 offer includes all shoes, handbags and coats and I've even seen designer items in there. It's well worth a visit if you're local. There's also a vintage Barnardo's which is so great I want to give it its own post! 

Has anyone been shopping in Cheadle or visited a Barnardo's one-price shop? 

I was really pleased with my January bargains and Feb looks like it's off to a great start! 

Charlotte x

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  1. Wow! You have found some amazing finds <3 It love that denim dress, so handy for summer! I had a mooch in Manchester's charity shops today, hugely rubbish and overpriced. Looking forward to going to the outskirts, may try some of your tips! X