Sunday, 18 January 2015

Bag lady.

Charity shop bag purchasing common problems include: broken zips, unpleasant smells and undesirable items left in the pockets but despite this, I always find myself wandering over to the accessories section on the hunt for a new bag. Personally, I could never own an expensive bag - I put biros in them without lids on, my make up gets all over the lining and I put my bag on the tram floor at least twice a day. Expensive things just aren't my bag.

I want to show you my three favourite charity shop bags.

1. I love this little thing. It has the most stupidly short handles I've ever encountered which means it can't sit on my shoulder and the size of it makes it look ridiculous when carried on the forearm. I love the gold detail, I love the bumpy material. I just love its oddness.

It's a really old Marks and Spencer number which I picked up for a few quid in a shop in Liverpool a few years ago.

2. This black clutch bag has been on many a night out. It's a good size to hold everything I need and I think the gold detailing makes it look quite vintagey. When I bought it, it was missing the detachable straps so unfortunately I can't use it day to day.

3. I also love this brown satchel style bag which I bought for £1 about 18 months ago. It's been my every day bag now for about two weeks. My one criticism is that it's brown which puts me a little on edge when wearing black. Once again, I love the gold detailing (this has become a bit of a theme!) and the boxy shape of it. I also love that it is so secure as I'm terrible at just leaving my bag open!

Have you managed to pick up any great accessories from charity shops?

Char x

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  1. That brown £1 bag is such a find! I've bought few bags from charity shops, I never seem to find them! Xx