Saturday, 7 February 2015

Impulse purchases.

So, I am never not in the mood for a charity shop browse but after my success last weekend, I'd got the bug a bit so I left for work early on Tuesday in order to have a quick look in the shops in Sale. 

I decided to go in British Heart Foundation for once. It's not that I'm against big charities (BHF reported the largest retail profits for a few years), I just find smaller or local charities to be better priced and generally friendlier (less business-like). I ended up being quite glad I did...

The first thing I saw was this sheer dark red and gold sequin top. It's actually in pretty good condition and I can't see any gaps in the sequins, miraculously! I paid £3.49 for it. I can't quite work out when I'm going to wear it though as I always wear dresses on nights out and it's a bit too sparkly for day to day! Luckily for me, it just looks quite pretty hanging on my clothes rail...

The next thing I picked up was this cropped white Topshop jumper. It was £3.29. There was a note on the tag saying it was marked and therefore discounted but I'm yet to find it! 

So Wednesday came around and I just hadn't had a successful enough week yet so I got another early tram and ventured into Age UK and was greeted by some terrible news (which I'm actually going to dedicate my next blog to...). 

In there I found this thin black collared dress with cut out back. I'd actually had my eye on this last week but decided, as it was a few days before payday, that I couldn't afford its £2.29 price tag (it was a 6-week pay month over Christmas - I'm not a complete financial disaster!). I was lucky it was still there so flung it straight onto the till! I've worn it already this week and I'm quite surprised it fits! It's from Glamorous - a range where I always find the sizes to come up quite small (anyone else feel like that?).

I also picked up this dark denim skirt. I've not tried it on yet and I'm a bit concerned the shape is all wrong for me but for 99p, it was a chance worth taking and if it's not so good, I'll just donate it back to another shop!

The last stop of the week was St Ann's Hospice where I picked up this purple and black Miss Selfridge cropped jumper for £3.99. 

As if I haven't bought enough this week, I've just planned to go to Longford Park via Chorlton High Street tomorrow so I'll probably have procured something else this time tomorrow!

Can anyone rival my week?!

Char x

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