Saturday, 3 January 2015

New year, same me.

If you're reading this, you've probably come here after seeing the announcement on my Instagram.

I started this blog in October 2013, on the same day which I posted my first ever picture on the charityshopgold account (it was a beautiful pair of vintage Bally boots - they're worth a look if you've not scrolled down that far!). I'd just left this horrible job (managing a charity shop, would you believe!) and I had lots of free time. Since then, I've started a new job working in a completely different industry and moved house but something that hasn't changed is my love of charity shopping. And that's where the title came from. I've made plenty of resolutions, most of which I won't keep, and maintaining this blog through 2015 is one of them. Same me as the topic remains the same. I really hope you enjoy reading and please leave feedback - it'll be great to know what you think!

I get a lot of people asking me on Instagram which shops I go to. In answer to that, the vast majority of my charity shopping is done in Greater Manchester. If you live in, or are planning to visit Manchester, I would be happy to give you an in-depth review of the best areas to shop (or just come along if you like!) and if you don't live in Manchester, I have plenty of opinions on which charities do the best in retail! Everything I'm going to show you in this post I picked up in Sale which is technically in Cheshire but can be reached easily using Manchester's trusty Metrolink.

For my first post back, I just want to share with you the bargains I picked up today, which are pictured below. Apologies in advance for the quality of my photos - I don't have a camera so I'll just be using my iphone!

The tartan purse

Everyone seems to be loving this beauty on Instagram and quite rightly so! I got it from Age UK and it cost 99p. It's material on the outside with a felt-like feel on the inside and is in perfect condition. I love a bit of tartan and am constantly on the look out for some skinny dark tartan trousers for work. I really rate Age UK shops in general. I talked on a previous blog post from 2013 about how charity shop prices always seem to be rising but I think Age UK have remained quite grounded in that respect. The shop in Sale is quite small but don't let that put you off - the prices are very fair and the Manager and Assistant Manager are wonderful. They always have a Sale Rail at the back for stock which hasn't sold and is re-ticketed at half the original price.

The lace shirt

Originally from Divided at H&M, I got this from Oxfam. They had a sale on today and it was reduced from £2.99 to just 99p! The button-up collar seems to still be going strong on the high street and I don't think you can ever go wrong with black or with lace. I'm thinking of wearing it underneath a light grey round-neck jumper with 3/4 sleeves so the collar and top of the shoulders can be seen, along with the lace sleeves. I just need to find a jumper matching my if I need an excuse to go back to the shops...!

The velvet top

Let it just be said, I think this top is a little bit strange. I haven't quite worked out what drew me to it yet and I haven't got a clue what I'll be wearing it with (any styling advice would be appreciated!). It's originally from 'dm clothing' who I've never heard of. It was £2.49 from Age UK (see what I meant about prices?).

The jumper

I LOVE a jumper. 
I'd actually been eyeing this up in Oxfam before Christmas and when I went in today, I really didn't expect it to be there. They originally wanted £5.99 for it but in the sale today, I got it for £1.99. It's from Marks and Spencer, has lovely jewel and sleeve detail and feels really good quality.

(The Oxfam shop in Sale have their own Instagram - it's @oxfamsale if you fancy a follow!)

The Marriage Plot

I actually only went into Sale to look for books (reading more is another of my resolutions). I bought this as it's by the same author who wrote The Virgin Suicides which is one of my favourite novels. It cost £2 which can I just say, I think is extortionate for a potentially fourth-hand, slightly dog-eared, slightly yellowish book. Having worked in charity shop management in the past, I can say that charity shops are overrun with books which just sit on the shelves in the shop or take up space in the back for months and it really annoys me that they charge so much for them. Reduce the price and go for quantity of sales. But then I guess me buying it suggests that people will pay those prices...oops.

And that's that. Please let me know what you think of my buys and of the blog in the comments section, on Instagram or to my email Also, if there's any element of charity shopping you'd think would make for a good post, please don't keep it to yourself!

Char x


  1. I've found my favourite blog, I hope you do keep writing through 2015 the bargains you find are amazing!
    I love, love, love charity shopping and I'm actually going to do a post on my find too 😊

  2. Thank you, that's really kind! Yes, do! I'll definitely check it out. x

  3. Thought I'd swing by from your IG account to see your finds. In 2014, I found some many bargains in charity shops I've now ditched the high street for everything, apart from tights and underwear, obvs. I agree with you on books, I bought the Goldfinch for 50p on Thursday which is too cheap I think. £2 is pricey! Just about to head out for a browse now. Look forward to reading your future posts xx

  4. That's a really good idea and excellent for the bank balance! I gave up clothes shopping completely for 6 weeks about three years ago which was really difficult. I think 50p-£1 is OK, depending on the condition of the book. The only other options shops have is selling them to rag merchants who pay next to nothing so to get 50p is OK, £2 just puts me off!x