Thursday, 14 January 2016

What I wore today (Jan 14th).

Another of my New Year's resolutions, along with blogging at least once a week, is planning my outfits the night before. I'm terrible for trying to scrape something together ten minutes before I have to leave for work and then feeling rubbish about it all day because the item I really wanted to wear was inevitably in the wash! 

Due to being out late last night at ice skating (another of my resolutions!), I failed on planning Thursday's outfit on Wednesday but stumbled on some inspiration this morning and created what's below from some of my most recent charity shop finds.

The dress is originally from Topshop but I picked it up in the British Heart Foundation shop in Bury on Sunday for £5.50. It's actually from the tall range, something I am certainly not, but I like that it's come up quite long on me. I've never rated Bury for charity shops and was having another horrendous experience there until I went into BHF! I also picked up two denim dresses from Topshop and New Look.
The green necklace is the one featured on my last blog which I got from the British Red Cross Encore range in the Eccles shop - it was £2.


I put this floral black and cream jacket over the top of the dress as my office is ABSOLUTELY FREEZING at the moment! Originally from the G21 range at George, I got it from Scope in Sale for £2.99 last week on my lunch hour.

And here I am modelling the whole thing.

What do you think of the prices of these items?

Char x


  1. I absolutely love that jacket! I need to buy some more monochrome jackets and things to go with the majority of my wadrobe

  2. Love this outfit. Great finds!