Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Like H&M? Love Encore!


The Encore range at British Red Cross shops is something that's been on my radar for a while now. As I understand it, these are brand new clothes donated by high street stores. The items are either imperfect or end of line stock which can't be re-sold. There's hardly any information online about the range which really surprises me as I'd've thought the charity would use it as a selling point. I'd be interested to find out how many charity shop lovers know about it?

From my experience, the range is mainly H&M clothing, usually from recent seasons. There seems to be Encore items in most British Red Cross shops - my personal favourites are Droylsden and Hyde in Manchester and the Renshaw Street shop in Liverpool city centre, where a member of staff told me deliveries come every couple of weeks. Recent finds include a Cos ring and four H&M necklaces for £4!

So I was delighted yesterday to stumble across a British Red Cross shop that I'd never been in before (charity shops I've not been in in the Greater Manchester area are few and far between now)! The shop is in Eccles, a small town just west of Salford and just down the tram line from Media City. I feel as if Eccles is one of those places which has really suffered as a result of improved transport links into Manchester and its cause can't be helped as it's in walking distance of the Trafford Centre. Many of the shops have closed or been boarded up and it hardly seems like a hive of activity at first glance.

Despite that, I can honestly say that this shop is hands down one of the best charity shops I have ever been in! All the stock is beautifully presented in colour blocks, the staff and volunteers are lovely, the customers all seemed to be regulars and they sell books for 50p - hallelujah! What more could you ask for?

£30 worth of Encore clothing, if you're me...

£30 in a charity shop in one transaction takes some doing...here's what I bought...

Interesting olive green statement necklace, £2.

Black and white patterned jumper, £3.50. This has a lovely zip-back detail which extends from the neckline to the waist.

 The photos of this high-necked, ribbed mini dress don't really do it justice. I can remember seeing this in store, loving it and not purchasing because it was pretty pricey so to get it, unworn, for £4.50 was nice!

 This photo doesn't do this gorgeous navy blue mixed textured jumper any favours either but it's super soft and feels such good quality for the £3 I paid.

 Black skirt with gold zip detailing, £3.

 Super pretty cream lace blouse, £4.

 Casual cream slouchy tshirt, £2.50.

Bizarre fluffy black jacket, £4.

Black skinny trousers with faux-leather detailing, £3.50.

Considering those prices are on a par with normal donated good prices, I'd say the Encore range provides excellent value for money and is an inspired path for the British Red Cross to have gone down.

Have you ever bought anything from the range? How do you feel about British Red Cross shops in general? I, for one, certainly wish there were more!

Char x


  1. Oh you know I remember when I was on holiday down south somewhere I remember seeing a shop that sold a lot of the encore stuff but I am not sure there is one anywhere near me

  2. I've never stumbled across the Encore range, but BRC is one of my top five stores because of their outlet store near me. Everything is £1.99 and I've found some great dresses! I will certainly look out for them more. Great to see you blogging more!