Monday, 14 March 2016

Trying to clear out.

So my New Year's Resolution to blog more hasn't been going so well of late... I've taken up ice skating and adult advanced swimming lessons which have left me with far less time to myself in my quest for the Winter Olympics 2022!

Last month, I visited the wonderful Sue Ryder in Didsbury to discuss their super vintage section - look out for that blog post coming this week! In addition to that, I've discovered some excellent bargains over the past four weeks or so which I'm hoping to share with you soon.

Last week, I had some friends come to stay for the night so took the opportunity to have a proper tidy up and rearrange my flat a bit. In doing so, I went through my whole wardrobe and put everything into piles of keep, eBay and charity shop. The reason I have so much surplus clothing is mainly down to being lazy when shopping and never trying anything on. I always think 'oh it's only a couple of quid, I'll just chance it' and when the item doesn't fit, it ends up sitting in my utility cupboard for months on end! Today I faced the problem head-on and took three bags, practically over-spilling, to Mustard Tree. I'd tried to make a promise with myself that I would just take the items in, hand them over and come out. As soon as I got inside, I started speaking to one of the shop's regular volunteers which was to be my downfall. Twenty minutes later I've been through the entire Fill a Bag for £2.50 section and I'm walking out of the door with these delights...
Dark green cropped boxy jumper from Hearts & Bows. I love dark green in the winter to give an all-black outfit a bit of a highlight and as it's still so cold, I'm hoping to get some wear out of this.

Black floral long sleeved top, originally from Next. The hem and the sleeves have a lovely scalloped cut.

 Distressed black jumper from ASOS.

Light blue, flat, lace-up boots from Next. These are definitely something my grandma would wear but look how super comfortable they are! I think with the right jeans, I'll still pass for 26 and not 76!

 Blue denim pinafore style dungaree dress.

White open sleeve lace trim blouse from River Island.

Minus three and plus one means I'm still two down - that's good progress, right?
Have you found any bargains recently?

Char x

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