Sunday, 6 September 2015

Recent finds.

I haven't posted any second hand finds for quite a while now but that doesn't mean I haven't been shopping! I was actually quite enraged when I discovered the first Monday after pay day was Bank Holiday - for one, I always have Mondays off so while everyone else was enjoying their three day break, I just had a normal weekend with too many people hanging about on the Monday when I normally have a nice quiet day! What was more annoying was that Monday after payday is normally my super charity shop day where I visit a multitude of different areas in one mad bus travelling day which I couldn't do because 90% of charity shops are closed on a Bank Holiday! Fuming.

So, to make up for it, I got up super early (5.30am) on Sunday and went to the car boot. I've got a horrible feeling that it was the last one of the year (unless anyone has been to Burnage Rugby Club this morning?) which makes me feel pretty sad as they're a relatively new discovery for me. On a more positive note, I did find some great items.

First up was this white dress which has the original tags and cost £2. The girl I bought this from had some amazing bits but most were just a size too big for me :(. I tried this on when I got home and, although you can't see them on the pictures, the dress has two pockets. The fabric isn't completely opaque either so you can see the pockets inside - I'm sure I could pay somebody to do something about that (as my sewing skills don't go beyond reattaching a button) - has anybody had this problem before?

I also picked up these Miss KG slip on shoes for £2. They're only a tiny size three but I took a chance and they fit really well. 

They're in ridiculously good condition for a second hand pair of shoes so I did a bit of a search and here they are, currently listed on the Kurt Geiger website  - for £42!

From the same lady, I also purchased these Topshop black boots, again in incredible condition. 

In fact, all the shoes on this one stall were £2 and the lady was saying the money was going to St Ann's Hospice. This obviously combined charity shopping and car boots into one which made me super happy! 

I also got this black leopard print pattern dress for £2. I've discussed my love of leopard print before and I'm so glad that all the winter clothing is appearing - I'll be delighted to be back in all black outfits!

My final car boot purchase was these blue velvet pointy flatform creeper type shoes (not entirely sure what they are!).

These cost 50p and yes, that label does say £55.

My other two purchases this week were from The Salvation Army shop in Sale which currently has my favourite charity shop thing...the £1 rail! From that, I picked up this comfy grey jumper with gold beads on the front...

...and this book for 50p. I'm having a real problem with books at the moment. I have three on my bedside table which I've started but just can't get into. If I'm not gripped by the first few pages, I don't read any further, which is probably a really bad attitude! Hopefully this one will turn things around!

Char x


  1. You seem to have done well lately!! I didn't go to a single car boot this year and I don't even know why!!

    1. I also ended up in the Barnardo's 99p shop yesterday...oops! I've been told the last car boot of the one I go to is in 2 weeks-sad x

  2. OOh, you did well! I've never been to a car boot and I'd like to! Those boots look immaculate!x

  3. P.S. I did a charity shop finds post this week as I found lots of things I was really happy with in Barnados- I used to adore reading them on other people's so I decided to try and do them when I charity shopped! It's like a treasure hunt isn't it!

  4. Looks like you got awesome stuff!! Excellent rummaging <3