Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Back in the game.

Sorry (again) for my lack of posts lately. Things have been hectic at work and then I got ill (again) last week which resulted in me being bedridden for three days! I wasn't completely fixed yesterday on my day off but I just couldn't stay inside any longer so made a quick trip to Stretford to have a little walk around the shops there. 

Stretford is home to my new favourite charity shop, as discussed in my previous post. The Barnardo's 99p shop is a real triumph of charity retailing- friendly, good quality, full of bargains! The little lot below cost me a tiny £4.95.

Black and purple, velvet, panelled dress. I love dark colours - the majority of my wardrobe is black of grey so this beauty fits in perfectly. It's something I'd wear to meet friends at weekend. I'm quite dressy out of work and don't own a single pair of jeans so dresses like this are a staple for me.

I also picked up this shirt. It's much more a grey-lilac colour than is shown in the photo. Something I'd wear in and out of work, I thought it was really simple but flexible.

New Look grey-green tunic. There's a small rip around the neckline but nothing a few stitches won't fix! It's from the Tall range, which I am certainly not, so I'll be wearing it as a dress with tights!

Creamy-white lace dress with button-up back. Again another simple piece which I can wear in and out of work. This was a little grubby looking in the shop but I've given it a good wash and it looks fine!

Vintage style button up back flowery cut out blouse. I think this is just so cute. Again, I need to make a few repairs around the flower cut outs where the material has got a little frayed but such a small job.

I also saw a Celia Birtwell floral blouse and a MaxMara shirt which were both too small. If you're Manchester based, this shop is really worth a look. It's jam-packed with rail upon rail of bargains!

I was going to make my way home after purchasing these but couldn't resist the British Heart Foundation shop with their half price sale being advertised outside. This is something which seems to be going on across all the UK shops at the moment and is well worth a look! I once overheard someone laughing about the idea of a charity shop having a sale but why shouldn't they? From what I can see, The BHF seem to be selling off any surplus summer stock in preparation for the colder weather. All that stock would just be sitting around waiting for next summer! 

I picked up this gorgeous red dress, originally priced at £5.49 and knocked down to £2.74. It's in perfect condition (probably brand new without the tags). Absolute bargain!

The same knock down could be found on this grey dress.

I also picked up this Topshop cropped black and white pattern top for £2.39, reduced from £4.79.

This white skirt is from Zara. Sadly I may have to sell this one on or donate it back as it's a large!

Finally for £1.64, I got this incredible blue suede skirt. It's pretty old with the tags saying Clock House which was C&As old label before the company disappeared off the high street!

And then I went home and took some painkillers and had a nap and tried to get better!

Have you picked up any great bargains in my absence from Internet?!

Char x


  1. So many great finds! LOVE the Topshop crop top :)

    Hannah x
    Paloma in Disguise

    1. Thanks Hannah.
      I'd be interested to see how you feel about the proposed Oxfam discount shops?
      Char x

  2. I really need to visit Stretford some time!! I've had a few bits and pieces but my favourite must be a Cath Kidston t shirt for £4 😊

    1. Hi Charlotte! This shop will be open on the Sunday you're up in Manchester and it's just down the road from hotel football. Here's the details if you're interested: http://www.barnardos.org.uk/shop/manchester-stretford/shop-view.htm?id=SHP-11769 x