Sunday, 8 March 2015

Bad service Sunday.

Josh and I spent today how we have done so many other Sundays - having a browse around some charity shops. Unfortunately, the overwhelming feeling from today was shock at how bad some of the customer service was! I realise I'm at risk of sounding like some kind of knock-off Mary Portas and I accept that behind the counter in a charity shop is not an ideal way to spend your Sunday but if people really can't raise a smile, maybe they need to reconsider where they spend their time volunteering!

Josh bought a ship in a thin glass bottle for £3.50. Not only was the lady behind the counter completely reluctant to make her way out of the back-shop, she was rude and there was no offer to parcel the item up to ensure it wouldn't be broken by the time we got it home. Is a little bit of newspaper or bubble wrap too much to ask for?! I honestly don't think she spoke except to bark the price at him - since when is that acceptable in any line of customer service? Do these volunteers think that giving up their time for free makes them exempt from showing decent manners?!

We went into another two shops on the same road. In the next one, nobody even bothered to stick their head around the door into the shop to say hi and in the final one, the Manager looked so angry that we'd deigned to step through the door!

Has anyone else experienced this?

Despite some awful service, I did manage to make a few purchases.

I love these boots I picked up in Sue Ryder in Didsbury for a fiver which will go well with both this Topshop shirt from Barnardos (£3.79) and this Forever 21 skirt (£2.75) from Mind.

Char x


  1. Those boots are a dream! Great find!
    In my last comment I mentioned getting terrible service from two girls in a charity shop near me, they didn't even look up as I walked in or say hello, they were just focusing on their phones and reading a magazine. i felt like I'd walked into someone's house, it was completely silent and awkward and I had a quick look and had to leave as it was so uncomfortable! I don't expect to be served in the charity shop and I quite like just being left to browse but surely a hello is just basic manners! X

  2. Having said all that, it's awesome that charity shops near you are open on a Sunday! They are all closed in Bristol as far as I know! X